We at Gibson & Anderson invite you to join with us in designing your Semi-Custom home…

…but please don’t expect the typical definition of “semi-custom.” Most “semi-custom” new home builders
offer a handful of elevations, cookie-cutter floorplan options, a choice of predetermined color schemes
and a few lighting and appliance packages. We want to open the possibilities for so much more…

We start with plans designed locally for Gibson & Anderson with the community and our target
homebuyers in mind. Our plans offer more than curb appeal, they’re “elegantly livable.” Traffic flows
smoothly, kitchens are functional, and little details like linen closets are always there when you move
in and need a place to unpack your towels.

So why have we never built the same home twice? We’ve yet to meet a customer who hasn’t wanted
to change at least a few things to make their future home perfectly fit their individual needs and desires.
With this in mind, we’ve designed our production processes and procedures to efficiently and accurately
accomodate change.

So don’t hesitate to ask! We’re not afraid to move walls, increase square footage or redesign a kitchen.
If your request is reasonable, we’ll probably say “yes!”

Please speak with any of our sales associates about our semi-custom design possibilities.