We invite you to join with us in an EXCITING and ENJOYABLE new home building process!

If you choose to build with Gibson & Anderson, we will guide you through a step-by-step process of
involvement and decision-making.  Our goal is to remove the anxiety and overwhelming feelings that
building can sometimes bring.  Our communication will be proactive – you will know what is expected
of you in advance each step of the way.  A printed homebuilding guide will be sent to you shortly after
contract execution, and each personal interaction will be guided by professionals.

Sales Associates and Contract
One of our licensed sales associates will take a personal interest in helping you find the community and
home of your dreams.  You will be guided through the showcase of available building sites, home plans,
amenities and options.  Our sales associates will also brainstorm with you concerning any potential
customization you may request to incorporate into your future home.

PreConstruction Conference
Upon finalization of your contract, Gibson & Anderson will draft a preliminary set of your home’s plans.
Included will be a plot plan and all options and customizations you have chosen.  You’ll meet with your
home construction superintendent and all realtors at a “round table” to review the contract and plans in
detail.  We use this time to ensure we have clearly understood your wishes.  We’ll entertain any questions,
and we may also suggest changes based upon our years of experience.  Once everything is agreed upon,
we’ll verify a closing date, instruct you in what’s to come next, and the building begins!

Decorative Selections
After the PreConstruction Conference, you will be given one month to complete the decorative selections
for your home.  Your homebuilding guide will advise you of which trade partners to contact, where they are
located, what your meeting will entail, and how long to expect for each meeting.  Complimentary with all
our homes are 4 included hours with Honey Miller, one of Birmingham’s best interior designers.

Framing Walk-Thru (“Wood Walk”)
You will meet with your construction superintendent on the job site after your home is framed and all
rough mechanicals are installed.  The superintendent will familiarize you with your home’s structural and
mechanical features and use this time to double-check all electrical, phone, cable and A/V locations.  This
time guarantees you’ll have an opportunity for the undivided attention of your construction superintendent
should you have any questions or concerns.

Homeowner Orientation
One week prior to closing, your home will be near completion.  You’ll meet your construction
superintendent in your future home for a thorough orientation of all the home’s features.  During this
meeting you will also create a pre-closing “punch list” of items requiring attention prior to closing, and
you’ll also meet our warranty coordinator.

Closing & Warranty Introduction
A Gibson & Anderson Managing Partner and our Warranty Coordinator will join you at closing.  After all the
paperwork is finalized, we’ll familiarize you with common warranty items and procedures.

Scheduled Warranty Visit(s)
Our Warranty Coordinator will contact you to schedule in-home warranty consulations at 30 days and 11
months.  In addition, she will be available to you for any unscheduled warranty or service needs.

The meetings listed above are the minimum scheduled interactions you will have with Gibson & 
Anderson representatives.  Someone will always be available for questions, comments or concerns.